CFS stands for Customer Feedback System. Darshan CFS is a touch screen based customer feedback/survey system. It runs on the Android tablet system, windows and web browsers. They can work in online and offline mode. You can create and load a questionnaire and place it on a counter or in a work environment letting the device do all the collection of customer/employee feedback. You can create multiple questionnaires and keep all the collected data secure and safe for future reference.Capturing and analysing feedback will open up new business management opportunities, providing in-depth tailored reports and root cause analysis so you can make informed decisions to improve business performance. The aim is to measure customer satisfaction .


Totally web based will work from any corner of the world.
Instant feedback once the customer/staff have completed the survey.
Devices that take feedback can work in online and offline mode.
It lets you create customised feedback management reports that deliver real customer insight into your business.
All results are combined, aggregated and displayed in simple bar graphs.
Questions can be changed on devices as frequent as you want.

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